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“We Maryknoll Sisters envision One Earth Community where the co-creative energy of Divine Love flows freely, nurturing wholeness of being in an expanding and evolving Universe.”

The One Earth Community Garden is a collaboration between the Maryknoll Sisters and Grow Monrovia in which we carry out the Maryknoll Sisters' vision of a One Earth Community. The One Earth Community is one in which every being is an essential worker in re-creating our world. Every worker is as important as the next, from the the birds, butterflies, and bees to the worms, insects, fungi and other unseen workers who help to nourish the earth for future generations.

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Built with sustainability in mind 

  • Habitat-building eco garden beds

  • Use of tools like ollas, mulch and rain barrels to optimize water usage 

  • No use of plastics or weed cloth. Instead we use cardboard and mulch as tools for suppressing weeds and grasses 

  • Established to be a resource center for the surrounding community

  • Mulch and cardboard available for the community to use in their own garden projects like lawn replacement


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The One Earth Community Garden will offer free hands-on workshops and courses throughout the year to help build a strong, resourceful and supportive community. 

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 Membership is open to residents of Monrovia, Duarte, Bradbury & Arcadia. To apply for OE Community Garden membership fill out the Membership Application, read and submit the Garden Bylaws and Pay Membership Dues below. The community garden is open to all. Please reach out to us if want to be involved but are unable to pay membership dues

Membership Application

Garden Bylaws

Pay Membership Dues

Support OECG

OE Community Garden Board

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