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Bradbury Roadway Widening Project

Updated: Jan 17

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Update: Bradbury approved the road widening. join us in opposing the Bradbury Road Widening Project to protect a cherished part of our community that can never be replaced. You can do so by joining us with a generous contribution in any amount to our grassroots effort to take legal steps to stop this project. Help preserve the beauty of our community and curb the overdevelopment of our natural areas.

Project Overview: On Tuesday, November 15, 2022 the City of Bradbury City Council will decide whether to approve the Bradbury Roadway Widening Project. The proposed Project would widen the existing Bradbury Road roadway from 24 feet to 36 feet providing one 18-foot lane in each direction. The road widening would extend beyond the north side of the existing roadway limits of Wildrose Avenue and beyond the east side of the existing roadway limits of Bradbury Road. Substantial grading would be required along the slope to the north of Wildrose Avenue. Several oak trees would be removed as part of grading activity. A permanent retaining wall would be constructed between the roadway and the newly graded area. The retaining wall would be approximately 320 feet in length and would range from 5 to 13 feet in height above the top of the slope top of the Bradbury Road curb elevation. The Project would include removal of 270 linear feet of existing berm, 390 linear feet of existing hedge, and up to 46 trees (Many of which are oak trees).

Take Action

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TBA : 600 Winston Ave, Bradbury, Ca

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