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about us

Grow Monrovia is a resident fueled non-profit organization. Grow Monrovia has been established to be a vehicle for change for the betterment of the community of Monrovia and neighboring cities.


Three of our primary goals as stated in our motto, are “Grow Food, Grow Habitat, Grow Community”. 



creating a more sustainable Monrovia

We want to inspire, engage and support the community to move away from water-hungry landscapes and move toward growing food to provide our residents with local, nutritious produce, creating a more sustainable Monrovia. We will do this by hosting workshops and developing programs for commercial and residential property owners.


creating a more beautiful Monrovia

Our goal is to create much-needed habitat for our wildlife throughout the city through community involvement, further expanding our urban forest while fulfilling our commitment as a Tree City.  Expanding our forest will create a denser canopy over the city to combat the effects of climate decline and the hotter temperatures that come with it. The resulting benefit of this is making Monrovia more walkable, improving our community’s health and happiness while making Monrovia a more desirable place to live.

Foothill Blvd.jpg



creating a stronger Monrovia

The sense of communal value and belonging is paramount to a safe, proactive and healthy city. Grow Monrovia’s top objective is to strengthen the community through events, workshops and community building volunteer opportunities.  

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