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Welcome to the Grow Monrovia Turf Removal Program Page!



There has never been a better time to ditch the lawn! State and local programs are offering generous resources to support this necessary transition.

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Grow Monrovia is a local non-profit organization passionate about building community around growing food gardens, planting native trees, and developing climate appropriate landscape here where we live. We started in 2019, volunteering our time and energy collaborating together on a number of projects, including the planting of over 500 California Live Oak and Sycamores throughout our neighborhood, developing the One Earth Community Garden on the grounds of the Maryknoll Sisters facility, and working together with Maryknoll to secure a sizeable turf replacement incentive payment resulting in a beautiful and vibrant meadow.

We initiated our own turf removal initiative earlier this year, building a team of dedicated Grow Monrovia volunteers, in cooperation with local contractors and vendors, to expand our impact across the neighborhoods in which we live. Our primary model is based on the sheet mulching technique, utilizing recycled materials where appropriate, and using exclusively native California plants for landscaping purposes, (with exception for fruit trees or vegetables, etc.) We like building Hügelkultur mounds and swales, developing native wildflower meadows, and supporting climate recovery through planting native trees.


Please find additional information about state and local programs at these sites: 


 - City of Monrovia Water Conservation Rebates 

 - SoCal Water$mart Turf Replacement Program

 - Save Our Water Initiative (California Department of Water Resources)

 - Removing Your Lawn Resource Page (California Department of Water Resources)

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