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We're Celebrating Oak-tober! Join Us

Grow Monrovia has a brand new community tree nursery at Maryknoll Sisters. We're celebrating with our very first OAKtober event. Come join us and get a free oak tree. We'll even plant it for you!

At our OAKtober tree event, we are hosting talks by local tree experts as well. Come for the talks and learn all about the importance of oak trees and how to properly take care of them. Ask any questions you have!

Why Oak Trees?

Oak trees are one of the most beneficial trees in the world. Here are 4 reasons to plant an oak tree this October:

  1. They Look Great in Your Yard Most people think oak trees are giant. That is become some grow to over 100 feet tall! But did you know some species of native oak trees reach a maximum of 20 feet and are easily maintained as shrubs? Oak trees come in a wide range of sizes, we can help you choose the one that is right for you and your planting location

  2. Oak Trees Host Wildlife A single oak tree will make a home for hundreds of caterpillars. Many birds depend on oak trees for survival, such as the California Scrub-Jay (often incorrectly called "blue jays"). These birds make a home within the inviting shelter of the tree while they feast on the caterpillars and acorns. So plants an oak tree in your yard and expect lots of beautiful birds and butterfly visitors

  3. Oak Trees are Hearty Did you know oak trees can live for more than 200 years? California is home to over 20 species of native Oak Trees. Many are found in the Los Angeles area where they thrive with minimal care. It's where they were meant to live! Additionally, many non-native oak trees do well in our climate, such as the Cork Oak, the same species of oak that wine corks come from

  4. Fall is a Great Time to Plant Oaks The best time to plant oak trees is when the soil is cool and holds on to moisture so the tree can stay hydrated while its root system is developing. As a rule of thumb, the best time to plant an oak tree is December to February. However, with the coolness of Fall, and the occasional rain showers that we receive plus your supplemental watering, a fall planting will work out very well. Planting in the fall will give the tree enough time to settle in before summer hits.

Come join us for Oak-Tober, pick up an oak tree!

Visit our GoFundMe page to help support the tree nursery!

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